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Southern California Solar Power Panel Installation


Solar Quest made getting solar for our home easy and I loved the personal touch of dealing with only two people to get the process done. Joe is proactive and doesn’t wait for you to call him with a question. He answers your questions beforehand. Kevin does his job professionally and is very knowledgeable about what he is doing. Together they made the process smooth from start to finish. Joe has called to check in a few times after the fact! Don’t deal with the big companies that send a salesperson to give you an estimate and then you never hear from that person again. Invest in a company where the person giving you the quote (Joe) is with you until the end and beyond.
I did have a very pleasant experience with SolarQuest. They are very quick and efficient. We decided to go solar on November of 2013. I talked to few companies they could not promise me to get everything done before 2014. Since I was going to use my tax credit so it was important to me finish up the work before new year. With SolarQuest we got our panels installed, approved and ready for use in about a 1 month. I recommend this company for friends. thanks SolarQuest.

I called Joe Corzo to schedule a meeting for his company, Solar Quest, to install solar panels on my home in Eastlake. By May 11, 2015 our solar was up and running. Joe was thorough and kept me informed through the process. Communication is key in my book and Joe certainly passed the test. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Lysa B.

Just had solar installed by Solar Quest. The whole experience from beginning to end was great. Joe is willing to spend the time to answer any and all questions you might have. He goes the extra mile to make sure things run smoothly and as quickly as possible. He and his whole staff do a wonderful job. If anyone reading this review is thinking of getting solar, think no more, just pick up the phone and call Joe Corzo at Solar Quest. Lysanda Bostic - 2015

Joe and his team were thorough, fast, and good which is a rare thing to find anywhere. From a simple quote that had actual numbers on it to installers who were considerate and worked fast I couldn’t have had a better experience.

We now have enough solar panels to offset all of our electrical usage and recharge our plug-in hybrid at night. We are saving money from the very first month and part of that success is thanks to SolarQuest. Andrew S - 2014

Superb and quality install. Clean, neat and quick. An honest quote is all I needed to get going. SolarQuest got the job and did what they said they would. I highly recommend this company. Chip B - 2013

The service was great. The electricians and installers were professional, patient and answered all of our questions. Upon arrival, they explained what they were going to do and when they were finished, cleaned up at the end of the day. The sales staff was informative and prompt with information, documents and keeping us informed on how things were going. Scott Robillard - 2013

It was the best investment I ever made. When I relocate to Southern Oregon, I will absolutely install another PV system. They make one clearly energy independent. Andrew Kaufman

Joe was my salesperson for my solar system one year ago. He was forthcoming and honest providing me with all the information and support I needed. I particularly appreciated his telling me when he did not know something but always followed up with the answers. One year later my system is working perfectly and I received my final SDG&E bill for $9.16. I saved thousands of dollars this year and see many more years of returns from my initial investment. Alan Siman