Southern California Premier Solar Power Panel Installation

SolarQuest prides itself on providing informative and accurate information for decision

making on a solar power system for any home or business in the San Diego Area.

Saves Money Now

Installing a solar system on your home will dramatically lower your electricity bills right now. Many homes drop their electric bills by 50% or more with some homeowners actually eliminating their electricity expenses all together.

Increase Your Home Value

Studies show that solar systems can increase your home value by 20 times the annual electricity savings. In addition, homes with solar systems tend to sell faster than homes without solar – 15% faster by some studies. By harnessing the sun, we can reduce our reliance on foreign and non-renewable energy sources.

Today, it is common to power our homes and businesses with solar technologies. In fact, thousands of your friends, neighbors and businesses already rely on the state’s most abundant natural resource – the sun – for their power, while taking advantage of the financial benefits of going solar. SolarQuest’s goal is to assist as many households and businesses as we possibly can in obtaining energy independence. We believe that energy independence is best achieved through the purchase of a home or commercial solar power system.

SolarQuest installations use a variety of Tier 1 panel manufacturers, such as QCell, LG, Kyocera and Solaria.

We are a licensed C-10 contractor (#992252), and our electrician has over 15 years of experience. We do all the work ourselves and we do not sub-contract out your work.

We have a BPI/HERS home performance and Sunpower trained solar designers. With years of experience in the PV solar business.

Financing options now available

SolarQuest financing can be used for most Solar Panel installations & setups to help you get the power you need.