Joe is a very responsible person and the service of installation is superb. They picked the best locations on my roof, which does not much space left due to the heating panels installed earlier, to get 17 300w LG panels installed in a clean and neat manner. In May, my electric bill is 201.6 and guess what is this month? 5.44! This total usage is -5KW for only 20 days of solar power generation that SDGE counted. Highly recommend SolarQuest!

Xiaoqian J.

I had contacted literally dozens of solar installers. I had gotten quotes from a dozen. I had signed contacts with three other companies. Only SolarQuest fulfilled their contract. I am extremely happy with SolarQuests entire process. I have a modular, and no internet, which had both caused issues with other companies. Being out in Boulevard, was also a challenge. I had the system up and running by February, and so the credits from earlier this year are offsetting the A/C use I am incurring now. Thanks Joe Corzo and SoalrQuest for taking care of my solar needs.

Angie A.

Had a positive experience interacting with Joe. He uses really top notch equipment and is the rare type of installer who refuses to skimp on quality. I respect him for that and will be keeping his company in mind for any friends or contacts who are looking to go solar in or around San Diego!

Omar N.

I spoke to quite a few solar companies and what really sets SolarQuest apart is that they inform you rather than trying to sell you on their service. Joe is very knowledgeable and patient in answering all your questions. If you are in the market for solar, I would highly recommend using Joe at SolarQuest.

Khola H.

I chose SolarQuest for a PV panel installation at my residence after receiving proposals from 6 different companies. SolarQuest gave me the best price and included higher-end panels and inverters than the competitors. I also conducted my due diligence on SolarQuest and confirmed that they were properly insured, bonded and licensed. The installation process went well and the company has highly competent and conscientious employees. I would recommend them to any homeowner looking into installing solar panels at his/her residence.

Andy S.

I just add more solar panels on my roof. Solar Quest did it in 2 weeks from the date of signing contract to finishing installation. Joe and his team are wonderful. I’m very happy with them. Will definitely refer Solar Quest to my family, friend and co-worker…

Lan F.

Joe and his crew were great. Once the work was started, they finished really fast and even went the extra step in there clean up and to blend any of the extra electrical work into the house. That is really appreciated when you come home and see that. I would recommend giving them a look if you are considering solar. Thanks guys!!!

Shane A.

I am very, very happy I went with SolarQuest. Joe is a pleasure to work with, as is Robert. They installed a right-sized, well designed system (which Robert improved during installation, working around my drain vents on the roof). The equipment is rock solid, the installation is perfect, and they explained everything in detail. The system was installed quickly (our recent rain delayed things a couple days but I wouldn’t want to work with electrical equipment on a wet, slippery roof either!) When the flashing sleeve on the cable fitting had a 3/8″ dip where a few drops of rain could sit, Robert filled the dip with sealer so NO water can sit – this is the attention to detail they offer. I couldn’t be happier.

Paul T.

Let me tell you, Solar Quest is the best thing I’ve done in years! Super friendly and helpful. They are very knowledgeable when I was asking questions and the installation was perfect. I will definitely be telling my friends and family about them! Thanks Solar Quest, you’re the best!

Kevin D.

Solar Quest was recommended by two of my friends. Joe and Robert are the best. They did a great job. Their price wasn’t the lowest but certainly, one of the lowest. Customer service is great. They’re almost always available to answer any questions I had. This is one of the reasons I chose them over other good solar installers. I highly recommend them.

D D.

After years of talking, investigating, and researching, we decided to purchase solar. We called SolarQuest because we saw several of their clean installations in our neighborhood. We talked with a few of the owners who recommended Joe Corzo and his company. We are so happy we made that decision.

We have a metal roof which can be vulnerable to damage with workers walking on it. On one nearby home, we observed the care Joe’s employees took to preserve the integrity of a metal roof. No long metal conduit pipes showing on the roof; Install was clean, neat and professional. They even painted the conduit which runs discreetly under the eaves. It is color-matched to our home’s paint color.

The crew members were efficient, very courteous, and cleaned up completely at the end of each workday.

SolarQuest worked with the city to get all our permitting done smoothly,and Joe communicated with us on a daily basis. Customer service is Mr. Corzo’s HIGHEST priority. No high pressure tactics to sell us on solar or push us to buy more than what we needed. It is so gratifying to watch the meter spin backwards.

We have and will continue to highly recommend SolarQuest.


SolarQuest was GREAT!!! Joe is straightforward, honest and helpful. All the other companies tried to “SELL” me immediately, one tried to get me to sign a contract the first time we met. I never felt pressure with Joe, he explained the process and what would happen and that is exactly what happened.

The installation was on time and done well. I REALLY like NO SUB CONTRACTORS…..the installers were all company employees and very polite. They cleaned up the first night before they left and by day two, they were done and left my place spotless.

Finally, AFTER the sale and installation, I had several questions. Joe ALWAYS called back and was happy to answer all my questions. I LOVE when a job is complete and paid for and an owner doesn’t forget about you. Joe demonstrated his ‘service after the sale’ philosophy to me which many people talk about but few follow up on!! I LOVE MY SYSTEM AND SOLARQUEST

Jack M.

Joe at SolarQuest was a pleasure to work with throughout the process. We had working panels on our roof within a month of signing our contract. You can tell Joe cares about his customer’s satisfaction. I highly recommend Joe and SolarQuest for anyone looking to benefit from adding solar to their home.

Jeff R.

After sending out an RFP to several Solar installers, five vendors responded with competitive quotes.

We selected vendors based on their fit to the following criteria:
Number of Panels, Inverters, KWH, Warranty, Monitoring System, Claimed Offset, Gross Price, Net Cost (minus any rebates).

Further refined our selection to three installers who were best able to communicate their services, provide local representation, and demonstrate experience with similarly sized systems.

With reasonable responses to all of these categories, SolarQuest won our business, and we’re happy they did!

Despite a rain delay on the first day of installation, Robert and Mitchel came in the next day and had a significant portion of the job done by the end of day-2. With little more than electrical work left they returned on day-3 to wrap up and prepare for inspection.
[Note: we had a new electrical panel and grounding installed a couple of years ago]

While the team on the roof did the technical work, Joe and PA worked on the paper from the office, prepared the dates for inspection and got us into the net-metering program.

Now, two weeks later, the work is done, and we’re happy to see the system performing as expected without exception. The installation is as clean, the information system is smart, and absolutely nothing was left untucked.

Kudos to the whole team at SolarQuest, you’re true to your word and a pleasure to work with on this project.

Best Regards!

Alex O.

We had a fabulous experience with the entire crew from Solarquest! Can’t recommend them enough. Quality workmanship, good communication, and kind people. The team is knowledgeable and honest, no unnecessary up-sell. With our heated pool and AC in the summer we are saving a ton of money! Can’t recommend them enough.

Teresa A.

Solar Quest made getting solar for our home easy and I loved the personal touch of dealing with only two people to get the process done. Joe is proactive and doesn’t wait for you to call him with a question. He answers your questions beforehand. Kevin does his job professionally and is very knowledgeable about what he is doing. Together they made the process smooth from start to finish. Joe has called to check in a few times after the fact! Don’t deal with the big companies that send a salesperson to give you an estimate and then you never hear from that person again. Invest in a company where the person giving you the quote (Joe) is with you until the end and beyond.

I did have a very pleasant experience with SolarQuest. They are very quick and efficient. We decided to go solar on November of 2013. I talked to few companies they could not promise me to get everything done before 2014. Since I was going to use my tax credit so it was important to me finish up the work before new year. With SolarQuest we got our panels installed, approved and ready for use in about a 1 month. I recommend this company for friends. thanks SolarQuest.

I called Joe Corzo to schedule a meeting for his company, Solar Quest, to install solar panels on my home in Eastlake. By May 11, 2015 our solar was up and running. Joe was thorough and kept me informed through the process. Communication is key in my book and Joe certainly passed the test. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Lysa B.

Just had solar installed by Solar Quest. The whole experience from beginning to end was great. Joe is willing to spend the time to answer any and all questions you might have. He goes the extra mile to make sure things run smoothly and as quickly as possible. He and his whole staff do a wonderful job. If anyone reading this review is thinking of getting solar, think no more, just pick up the phone and call Joe Corzo at Solar Quest.

Lysanda Bostic - 2015

Joe and his team were thorough, fast, and good which is a rare thing to find anywhere. From a simple quote that had actual numbers on it to installers who were considerate and worked fast I couldn’t have had a better experience. We now have enough solar panels to offset all of our electrical usage and recharge our plug-in hybrid at night. We are saving money from the very first month and part of that success is thanks to SolarQuest.

Andrew S - 2014

Superb and quality install. Clean, neat and quick. An honest quote is all I needed to get going. SolarQuest got the job and did what they said they would. I highly recommend this company.

Chip B - 2013

The service was great. The electricians and installers were professional, patient and answered all of our questions. Upon arrival, they explained what they were going to do and when they were finished, cleaned up at the end of the day. The sales staff was informative and prompt with information, documents and keeping us informed on how things were going.

Scott Robillard - 2013

It was the best investment I ever made. When I relocate to Southern Oregon, I will absolutely install another PV system. They make one clearly energy independent.

Andrew Kaufman

Joe was my salesperson for my solar system one year ago. He was forthcoming and honest providing me with all the information and support I needed. I particularly appreciated his telling me when he did not know something but always followed up with the answers. One year later my system is working perfectly and I received my final SDG&E bill for $9.16. I saved thousands of dollars this year and see many more years of returns from my initial investment.

Alan Siman