Yes, HERO properties can be sold or refinanced at any point. Remaining HERO assessments can be paid off or legally transferred to the new owner. Over 3,000 HERO Homeowners have refinanced or sold their homes, and the HERO assessment has been successfully transferred in the majority of those transactions. This process has recently been streamlined for HERO Homeowners, buyers, and real estate professionals with the assistance of our in-house dedicated group of experts, HERO Property Advisors.

However, homeowners should be aware that lending criteria can change and vary between banks. Some banks and/or purchasers require the outstanding assessment balance to be paid off when a homeowner refinances or sells a home, which can be done without a prepayment penalties.

Should such concerns arise, HERO Property Advisors can assist you in their resolution through a variety of solutions tailored to your unique situation. Real estate professionals and lenders, as well as homeowners and buyers, can contact HERO Property Advisors at 1-855-CAL-HERO for assistance at any point.

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