After installing solar your account will be on NEM. Net Energy Metering means that your billing will be yearly instead of monthly or by-monthly.
NEM allows to transfer excess power credits to following month.
Example : If you went on vacation for August and solar have produced energy that has not been used, that extra power will be credited to following month and at the end of the year your bill will reflect the Yearend summary which will be due to pay. We do calculations based on annual usage of the property and provide system which will produce enough power to offset annual usage. For some months solar production is less than others but in the end of the year because of the NEM it gets balanced. Example: December’s solar production is 2 times less than in July. However, in December and July property electricity usage can be the same. That means that in December you will receive a bill, but you don’t need to pay because it will be compensated by extra production that was produced in July.

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